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About our Academy

Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich is an outstanding school in which students achieve excellent exam results across a wide range of subject areas.

We are immensely proud of our students and their achievements and encourage them to achieve their best in everthing they do.

Our approach to learning enables students to see the relevance of their learning and experiences to the wider world.

Students benefit from excellent facilities including modern teaching areas, state-of-the-art IT, sports hall, health science suite and a sixth form centre.

‘Aspire, Learn, Succeed’

Our motto is ‘Aspire, Learn, Succeed’. We want our students to be aspirational; we want them to think about what they want to do with their lives, to explore the world and think about where they fit into it, what they can get from it, and what they can offer as well.

We therefore try to give students as many different experiences and opportunities as we can – to broaden their horizons so that they begin to really understand and engage with different cultures, ideas and countries.

Resilient learners

However, to have a chance of achieving these dreams, students have to understand that, generally speaking, you get out of life what you put into – that excellent exam results and strong knowledge and skills do not come about unless you put a lot of effort into your studies, both inside and outside of the classroom.

We offer students the opportunity to become resilient learners, able to learn well because they understand that mistakes are normal and that the classroom is a safe place where we support each other and help each other to feel safe to risk making mistakes, and admit what we don’t know as well as showing what we do.

Genuine choice

We hope that each of our students will leave the academy with genuine choices available to them. We believe that further education is a natural and immediate next step for most students; but whatever each young person decides to do, we want them to be equipped to be excellent in it. 

With high results and an understanding of how to live your life well – not only for your gain but for the good of others too – students do indeed have genuine choice and can be the best in their field, whatever that field eventually is.

Academy principles

  • The academy will provide an educational community that is calm, welcoming and inclusive, and in which diversity is celebrated.

  • Academy students and staff together strive for academic excellence through collaborative partnerships involving staff, students, parents, and a wide range of external experts.

  • Everyone at the academy will be studious, articulate and resilient. As a team-player, they will be responsible for their own learning and for the learning of others.

  • Learning in the academy will be high-quality, relevant and production-focused.

  • Student leadership and robust student engagement with the academy will secure excellence for all.

  • Creativity, innovation, problem-solving and risk-taking will be features in all aspects of the academy life.

  • Active citizenship will be encouraged amongst all students and will develop in our community a strong understanding of, and striving for, social justice locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Academy students will develop financial awareness, economic independence and the skills to be leaders, employees, employers and entrepreneurs in the workplace of the 21st century.

  • The health and wellbeing of students’ own lives and that of their community will be promoted at the academy.

  • The academy will promote access to a wide network of health communities who can support pathways to career choices.

Faculty structure

See below for explanations of acronyms.

Principal and Vice Principal

Vice Principal: strategic oversight of Teaching & Learning, shares LM for APs and senior staff





Sixth Form:

Homestall Road campus

Curriculum & Specialisms

Assessment & Intervention


AP: Ms C Panyandee

HoH: Mrs J Matthews

LPR: Ms J Stewart

House Co-ord:

AP:  Mrs M Ajetunmobi

HoH: Ms A Robson

LPR: Ms E  Obeng-John

House Co-rd: Ms V Hearle

AP:    Ms E Carding

HoH: Ms K Foster

LPR: Ms L Nuttall

House Co-ord: Ms D Mullings

AP: Ms F Findlay

HoH: Mrs S Strong


House Co-ord:

Director of Sixth Form: Ms K White

AP: Ms G Jones

AP: Ms J Young

SENCO:  Ms R Gilchrist





Manager: Ms A Walton


Data Manager: Mr A Chowdhury

SEN Manager: Ms J Hatton





Student Support Officer: Ms N Mehmet


Exams Officer: Mr H Fierro

Specialist TA, Intervention tutors, language TA, Learning Mentor, Health Hut & Fresh Start staff, EAL Co-ordinator & tutors, SALT

Art + Photography




Student Support Services: Mrs G Buckmire











Sports specialism

Enterprise specialism

Health Sciences specialism












AP = Assistant Principal

HoH – Head of House

LPR – Lead Practitioner

House Co-ord – House Co-ordinator

SENCO – Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Specialist TA = Specialist Teaching Assistant

SALT – Speech and Language Therapist

EAL Co-ordinator – English as an Additional Language Co-rdinator


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