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Our Specialisms

We offer three specialisms: Sport and Fitness, Health Sciences and Enterprise.

Sport and Fitness

The Sport and Fitness programme engages students by providing a relevant and innovative curriculum, which encourages participation and supports elite athletes.

Students learn to appreciate all the different aspects of Sport and Fitness; the value of being a spectator, the role of leadership, the role of team member, coaching and mentoring, and the value of being able to problem solve. All students are encouraged to implement the maxim of plan, implement and evaluate.

Through a kinaesthetic approach to learning, students develop a range of planning, reasoning and observational skills. It is envisaged that students are able to transfer these skills to other areas of the curriculum and thus increase motivation and thence attainment across all subjects.

Through an extensive enrichment and Out of Hours Learning programme we encourage students in the desire to participate in physical activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

All students are given access to accredited leadership, vocational and academic qualifications.  They are encouraged to seek enterprising ways of putting their leadership skills into practice both within the Academy, in conjunction with partner primary schools and other organisations.

Health Sciences

Health Sciences provide new opportunities across the whole curriculum. We are a centre of excellence for a range of academic and vocational courses linked to the health sector. Our Health Sciences, Health and Social Care and Sport and Fitness courses enable students to gain access to a wide range of medical and related occupations and careers.


The ‘Enterprise’ specialism pervades all areas of the curriculum and link with the teaching and learning in Sport and Health Sciences.  The curriculum explicitly promotes personal, employment and self-employment skills including self-confidence, initiative taking, workplace awareness, enterprise skills, personal presentation skills, team working and co-operative skills, personal durability and self-discipline.

The aim will be to develop an enterprise culture of:

  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Presentation Skills
  • Risk Analysis
  • Self Confidence
  • Independence
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