Meet our Governors

We have a new joint governing body with Harris Boys' Academy East Dulwich. The Governing Body is responsible, with the Principal, for setting and monitoring the educational direction of the Academy and the targets to be achieved over time.

Our governors are:     

  • Mr Ronald April                          

  • Dr D Moynihan                           

  • Ms Clair Phillips                           

  • Mr Simon Boghurst - Parent            

  • Mr Mark Budd                          

  • Miss Sarah Campbell               

  • Mr David Lomas - Chair                     

  • Mrs Serita Sleep                    

  • Mr Oliver Ward                         

  • Mr Paul Dingle - Parent                      

  • Mr Adrian Harris                 

  • Mr Charles Archer   

  • Mrs Munirat Ajetunmobi - Staff

  • Ms Joanne Young - Staff