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Posted on April 18th 2017

The Voice of Harris Girls - Listen to our New Podcast

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Members of our Student Council have been trained to make podcasts as a way of gathering opinions about what is going well at the school and what improvements might be needed.

Listen to 'The Voice of Harris Girls' now. Find out what students say about the canteen, school trips, our literary festival and more.

They've learned how to interview and record other students and teachers, and edit their recordings to make podcasts which can then be played by other students.

Recordings took place, for example, in the queue at lunchtime, when students have time to talk.

Useful skill

"Making these recordings encourages Student Council members to go beyond their own friends or tutor group to get views," said Virginie Clarke, Educational Events Coordinator. "They're also getting six hours of professional training in making podcasts, which is going to give them a brilliant new skill."

Listen to 'The Voice of Harris Girls' now. 

Below: Students interview Mr Brown for their podcast. Read more about the student council.

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