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Posted on March 16th 2017

First Aid Training for Year 7 - Simple Actions Can Save Lives

First aid 2Three groups of Year 7 students were lucky enough to be picked for a taster-session on essential first aid

Girls learnt the acronym DrsABC which stands for identifying danger, checking for a response, shouting for help, checking the airway for signs of breathing and checking for signs of bleeding or circulation

Students role-played treating a casualty  (pictured) and learned how to put someone in the recovery position.

These are highly valuable skills which we hope that the girls will never have to put into action. However, under the Saving Londoners Lives scheme, the aim is to make people aware of essential first aid and how in an emergency simple actions can save lives and promote recovery.

Staff are currently receiving training on how to teach students the same information. Our aim is to train the whole of Year 7 by the end of the year.

First aid 1