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Broadening Horizons

We seek to offer our students a wide range of horizon-broadening experiences and opportunities.

Through these opportunties we aim to make sure that our students are comfortable in a wide range of social and cultural settings outside of what is normal for them.

Wherever they find themselves as they progress through life, we aim to make sure they won’t feel limited, that there will be no obstacles preventing them from accessing the choices they aspire to, and that they will have the confidence to make genuine choices about their education and employment. Some of the ways we do this include:

  • University links – taking our students early to visit universities
  • East Dulwich Literary Festival
  • Ski trip; watersports holiday
  • Range of trips and visits throughout the course of the year
  • Extra-curricular clubs provision throughout the year
  • Brilliant Club – working with PhD students to develop high level study skills
  • Inter-academy tournaments and events throughout year
  • Working with professionals – eg Suzanne James, Rodgers & Johns
  • DebateMate
  • Harris Experience (eg Christie’s project)
  • Preparation for Oxbridge interviews and medical applications
  • Careers guidance from expert adviser
  • Sports leagues, tournaments and competitions
  • Partnership with Evelina Children’s Heart Organisation and engagement with families in varying circumstances through ECHO events
  • Partnership with Nabiswa community in Uganda and visits for sixth formers to Uganda
  • Uganda literary project, working with Professor Jennifer Coates, Emeritus Roehampton
  • Attending events for Lord Harris including top London venues
  • Providing free musical instrument tuition for students
  • Auction of art work
East Dulwich Literary Festival 2014