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Broadening Horizons

Our new scholarship system is encouraging the most academic students to aim for places at Britain’s leading universities.

Aspirational students with academic ability will take part in a wide range of extra-curricular visits and events – to give them the all-round experience top universities seek.

Eleven students in years 9 and 10 have so far been selected to join the programme. ‘These are students we expect to get the exam results needed to apply to top universities,’ says teacher Lorraine Stolarczyk.

‘What the scholarship programme offers is a chance for them to experience a wide range of cultural events, meet different people and generally go outside of their comfort zones – to give them the all-round experience that top universities are looking for.’

Oxford college

We also have formal links with Harris Manchester College, Oxford.

Ms Jane Fletcher is a member of the Head Teachers’ Forum, which the College organises for head teachers from both state and independent schools. Several teachers from HGAED have benefitted from the subject training days that the College has organised for the Harris academies, especially in disciplines of Maths, Science and English.

The Dean of Harris Manchester College recently invited 20 of our most able students to spend the day at an Oxford college to experience for themselves one of the world’s top universities.

They met professors and students, toured the college, and were served lunch at the university. ‘After the visit we really felt we could belong in a place like Oxford University,’ said Dalena Chau of Year 7.

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