Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Student and Parent Surveys

We regularly use surveys to seek students' and parents' views about their experiences at our academy, and our plans to move the academy forward. Details of survey results will be published here. 

Year 8 student and parent survey - January 2016

We undertook our regular survey at the Year 8 parent evening in January. Students are overwhelmingly happy to come to school and feel they learn a lot. They believe that the Academy deals well with bullying, should it occur. They are very positive about their experiences. A few students felt that they wanted behaviour to be better still and we will talk further to those children to hear their experiences and views. If needed, we will certainly act to address any issues they might raise. Year 8 parents were overwhelmingly positive about their experiences of the Academy, as the full results show. Download the complete results.

Year 11 student and parent survey - December 2015

At our Year 11 parent evening in December 2015, we surveyed both parents and students about their experiences at the Academy.  The full results can be downloaded at the end of this paragraph. They show that all responses from parents were positive with the lowest return of ‘agrees’ to the question being 92% and most being at 96% and above. Students were also surveyed and their results show that in nearly all areas, ‘agrees’ are well over 90% again.  The only area where this is not the case is that slightly more students feel that we do not help them to have a healthy lifestyle (87% still believe the academy does support this).  Therefore, this is an area that we will revisit again in the coming months. Download the complete results.

Year 7 student and parent survey - October 2015

At our parent information evening in October 2015, we did a survey of Year 7 students and parents to find out how they had settled and what their experiences were.

Of the 65 parents who responded, 97% either agreed or strongly agreed that their child was happy at school; 99% agreed or strongly agreed that their daughter feels safe at school; and 93% felt their child was making good progress at school. Of the 64 students who responded, 97% agreed they were happy to come to school and 97% also said that they learn a lot in lessons. 96% agreed with the statement “The academy helps me to do as well as I can”. Download the complete results.

Student questionnaires

These are done twice yearly with the whole community at Academic Mentoring Day. When there are negative comments, House Assistant Principals meet with those students and use them as a focus group to pick up on issues and views and then address any issues that are found to be valid for students. This is a very powerful way of us hearing student views and it shows students that we are serious about engaging with them and acting upon their requests.

Curriculum and activity surveys

We ask students each year which learning experiences they have had have had the most impact for them so that we can reflect on what engages students most and offer more of those opportunities. We also ask students whether there are things they would like to have the chance to do that they don’t currently have and seek to implement these wherever possible.

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