Student Voice

Students now expect to be involved in every major decision made by senior teachers at Harris Girls’ Academy East Dulwich.

Over the past year we’ve been working with Goldsmiths University to develop our students’ research skills – including planning questions, carrying out research and reporting on their findings.

‘Equipping students with research skills is vital if they are going to have a real impact on the decisions that are made about their school,' says Polly Haste, of Goldsmiths University, who has been working with us for the past year.

Examples of Student Voice research

  • Two year 11 students were asked to make recommendations about the role of prefects in the school. They researched the use of prefects in other schools and shortlisted candidates for interview.

  • Year 7 students carried out an evaluation of the ‘My World’ humanities lessons. They designed a questionnaire, interviewed teachers and presented their findings to the Head of Humanities.

  • Two year 11 Fresh Start students completed a research project into why some students do not attend PE lessons. They planned and ran three sports activity sessions for students identified as under-achieving at PE to find out how their experience could be improved.

  • Students across the school took part in a major consultation to identify the issues students are most concerned about. The sessions, which were run by students, focused on what students themselves can do to address these issues.


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