Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Student Voice

Working in partnership with our students is very important to us. We have a clear message which we regularly promote: We're on the same side.

We seek students' view regularly and listen to what our students tell us as we plan how to move the academy forward. Examples of student voice in the academy include:

Head girls for each house

Head girls support behaviour in each house and work with the head of house where behaviour is a concern with any student.  They survey students and seek to gain student views, ideas and concerns so that these can be shared with senior staff and good ideas can be taken on board.  They support key academy events, interview new staff and take part in assemblies.

Student questionnaires

These are done twice yearly with the whole community at Academic Mentoring Day. When there are negative comments, House Assistant Principals meet with those students and use them as a focus group to pick up on issues and views and then address any issues that are found to be valid for students. This is a very powerful way of us hearing student views and it shows students that we are serious about engaging with them and acting upon their requests.

Student Voice

On a termly basis, we meet with a focus group from each department to investigate student views about each department in the academy; how successful their learning is, what is best about the subject, and what improvements they would like to see. These views are incorporated into our feedback to each department and are used to shape action planning for the coming term.

Curriculum and activity surveys

We ask students each year which learning experiences they have had have had the most impact for them so that we can reflect on what engages students most and offer more of those opportunities. We also ask students whether there are things they would like to have the chance to do that they don’t currently have and seek to implement these wherever possible.

General student views

Students know that they can email or contact any member of staff including the Principal to recommend ideas and suggestions, to request things or to advise us of things. This happens on a regular basis.

Student enterprise

Students regularly work on enterprise projects that they want to undertake through HOPE or through their coaching groups.

Sports leaders

These students lead a range of activities at the academy and with younger students in primary schools.