We offer a broad and balanced curriculum throughout the Academy, offering students a wide range of subjects in several strands, personalised to their individual needs.


Key stage 3

At Key Stage 3, all students follow a two year abridged curriculum in the foundation subjects. My World is a Year 7 course which is central to our intention to equip our students with key ‘learning powers’, preparing them for independence in learning and the key skills to be effective learners. Humanities subjects are taught through My World in Year 7.

Core subjects set regular homework at Key Stage 3 and in addition students undertake termly Independent Learning Challenges which expect them to do project-based learning independently of the teacher and to present their work upon completion.


Key stage 4

At Key Stage 4, we offer a broad menu of academic and vocational courses across all subject areas. We run particular curriculum strands for our Flexible Learners and our Accelerated Learners.

Our timetable from Years 9–11 is staggered to allow students to focus on fewer subjects at a time and build their portfolio of accreditation throughout the three years of study. This has several benefits because students:

  • can gain higher grades and are less stressed by focusing on fewer subjects at any one time 

  • gain greater flexibility to redirect their study choices over the three years

  • have the option to gain maximum accreditation across a wide menu of subjects or to focus on less subjects to a higher level

  • build their own, personalised learning plans based upon their own successes and interests

This approach gives accelerated learners the scope to pursue level 3 accreditation during Key Stage 4 if they prefer to do this rather than continue pursuing level 2 accreditation.


Key stage 5

At Key Stage 5 we have a successful joint Post 16 provision with our partner boys’ school as part of the Harris Post 16 Federation. Courses are offered at levels two and three in our separate prospectus.



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