After-School Clubs

We have a huge range of clubs, societies and after-school support at the academy. We offer over 70 clubs catering for all interests.

These clubs are open to everyone to join and are an excellent way to further develop your daughter’s talent in a sport of her choice in a relaxed and fun environment. We also aim to enter our girls in as many fixtures with local schools as well to further develop their competitive spirit!

Clubs on offer to students include: 

  • study support

  • ballet

  • maths clinics

  • badminton

  • trampolining

  • debating

  • pottery

  • film club

  • radio club

  • gospel choir

  • coursework support

  • dragon's den

  • knit and natter

  • Black history group

and many more, five days a week.

Some are purely recreational, others provide additional study support.

Our sports clubs run every day and include individual activities and competitive teams. Many other activities are offered to students of all ages including our holiday programmes.

Dancers, artists and musicians can also take part in a range of productions and performances.



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