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How we work

  • The academy will provide an educational community that is calm, welcoming and inclusive, and in which diversity is celebrated.

  • Academy students and staff together strive for academic excellence through collaborative partnerships involving staff, students, parents, and a wide range of external experts.

  • Everyone at the academy will be an effective and self-motivated learner responsible for their own development and learning and for the development and learning of others.

  • Learning in the academy will be high-quality, relevant and production-focused.

  • Student leadership and robust student engagement with the academy will secure excellence for all.

  • Creativity, innovation, problem-solving and risk-taking will be features in all aspects of the academy life.

  • Active citizenship will be encouraged amongst all students and will develop in our community a strong understanding of, and striving for, social justice locally, nationally and internationally.

  • Academy students will develop financial awareness, economic independence and the skills to be leaders, employees, employers and entrepreneurs in the workplace of the 21st century.

  • The health and wellbeing of students’ own lives and that of their community will be promoted at the academy.

  • The academy will promote access to a wide network of health communities who can support pathways to career choices.


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