Council of Student Voices

We now have student commissioners to be the voice of students on almost every aspect of school life, including behaviour, sport, prefects, study centre, cheerleading, choir, HOPE social enterprise, student researchers, and our own bank.

There is also an overall Council of Student Voices, made up of one student from each commissioner group.

Commissioners are expected to be a model to all students in the way they conduct themselves around the academy and when representing the academy off-site.

The Council of Student Voices will meet regularly with Miss Mullen, Student Voice Co-ordinator.  This will be an opportunity to receive feedback from each commission group, consider student suggestions and concerns and develop new work.

There will be a termly Commissioner afternoon where each group will be expected to make a presentation on their work and impact in the term just ending.

As part of this afternoon, there will be a self-review process to assess contribution and impact of each commissioner and VivoWages are awarded in response to this assessment.

Commissioners will be asked to report back to students and staff about the work they are doing on a regular basis, through departmental meetings and assemblies.


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