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Using our green space to promote physical and mental wellbeing as part of


Yoga and affirmations in our Health Hut for Mental Health Awareness Week


Our Mental Health week activities run by our brilliant Mental Health Ambassadors and


Our brilliant Mental Health Ambassadors sharing the impact of their work as a 'Be Well Hub' on film for all to see. Thank you to for setting up this brilliant resource at HGAED.


Wishing all our incredible Y11 and Y13 students the very best of luck for their examinations. You have worked so hard and deserve every success. Good Luck! The whole HGAED community is behind you 💫


An impressive £103 raised at our Bake Sale in support of . A huge thank you to the Y10 prefects for organising and everyone who donated 👏


Fantastic day with working with year 7 King's Scholars. Thanks to all involved in setting up the event.


Thank you so much to our brilliant young artists for sharing their Digital Futures exhibition with the SLT. Their presentation generated so many interesting conversations about the future of technology. Thank you so much!


Winners of the London Debate Mate Cup! Huge congratulations to our debating team - you are incredible!


Our future lawyers loved their day . Thank you for the opportunity.


Thanks to supporting year 11 students' well being. A great session today with NASYouth helping students prepare for exams.


You’re very welcome - thanks for continuing to invite me! Your brilliant school has a special place in my heart.


You’re very welcome - thanks for continuing to invite me! Your brilliant school has a special place in my heart.


Not everyday you have your GCSE Text signed by the author


Our Y11s loved their creative writing workshop with . The next generation of authors here 👏


Almost a decade of studying 's brilliant 'Pigeon English' at HGAED. The highlight of every Y11's year in English is the Q&A with the author himself! Thank you so much for being so generous with your time. 📙


Our brilliant Ms Noah being recognised for all her work to promote good mental health in our communities. A inspiration to our students! 👏


Our brilliant choir performing with 6,000 young people . We could not be prouder of your passion, resilience and confidence. A proud day for HGAED!


Our Art History Society visited the Courtauld Gallery to learn more about significant figures in art including Edouard Manet.


Inspiring trip to Dulwich Picture Gallery for our Y10 GCSE Photography students.

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Numeracy at HGAED

We are committed to raising the standards of numeracy of all our students, enabling them to develop the ability to use numeracy skills effectively in all areas of the curriculum, and also develop the skills necessary to cope confidently with the demands of further education, employment and adult life.

Numeracy is a proficiency that is developed mainly in Mathematics but also in other subjects. Numeracy involves developing confidence and competence with numbers and measures.

Poor numeracy skills hold back pupils’ progress and can lower their self-esteem. Numeracy skills can be consolidated and enhanced when pupils have opportunities to apply them across the curriculum.

Numeracy 1The growing need for numeracy

Our need for a good level of numeracy only increases as we get older. When we start thinking about mortgages, the financial implications of borrowing money, interest rates and pensions it's essential that we're numerate enough to make informed decisions. 

So many of the important decisions we must make as adults are based on numbers. This means that people who are not confident and capable with numbers are estimated to be worse off than those with good numeracy skills. A report in 2014 for National Numeracy by Pro Bono Economics found that the average cost to individuals with poor numeracy is £460 a year.

Our approach

To support numeracy within the curriculum:

  • Students take part in weekly numeracy problems in coaching time (Numeracy Ninjas).
  • Opportunities to practise numeracy are planned into schemes of work across the curriculum.
  • Students take part in National Numeracy Day in May and other numeracy focused events including the celebration of Pi Day.

Intervention programme

We offer additional support to students to help them improve their numeracy across Year 7-11. The need of the individual determines the type of support they receive, as detailed below:

  • KS3 Morning Maths – small group support focused on those students with specific difficulties relating to numeracy (takes place in inclusion)
  • KS4 Morning Maths – small group support focused on those students with specific difficulties relating to numeracy (takes place in inclusion)
  • Numeracy Intervention (period 6 Mondays) - support for those demonstrating low levels of numeracy across Years 7-10, led by a highly skilled Maths specialist

Home Learning – MathsWatch

Each student has access to our online maths facility, MathsWatch. Students can view over 1,000 mathematical video tutorials in order to learn new skills, or simply refresh old ones.

Each student has their own unique user and password so that they can keep track of their results and keep in contact with their teacher using the MathsWatch platform.

We are using the online programme to help to sustain progress and support prior learning. The Maths department also uses MathsWatch to set your child’s regular homework.

Log in to MathsWatch

Getting in touch

If parents/carers would like to get in touch with our numeracy team please contact:

Download our Maths across the curriculum policy from our Teaching and Learning page.