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Using our green space to promote physical and mental wellbeing as part of


Yoga and affirmations in our Health Hut for Mental Health Awareness Week


Our Mental Health week activities run by our brilliant Mental Health Ambassadors and


Our brilliant Mental Health Ambassadors sharing the impact of their work as a 'Be Well Hub' on film for all to see. Thank you to for setting up this brilliant resource at HGAED.


Wishing all our incredible Y11 and Y13 students the very best of luck for their examinations. You have worked so hard and deserve every success. Good Luck! The whole HGAED community is behind you 💫


An impressive £103 raised at our Bake Sale in support of . A huge thank you to the Y10 prefects for organising and everyone who donated 👏


Fantastic day with working with year 7 King's Scholars. Thanks to all involved in setting up the event.


Thank you so much to our brilliant young artists for sharing their Digital Futures exhibition with the SLT. Their presentation generated so many interesting conversations about the future of technology. Thank you so much!


Winners of the London Debate Mate Cup! Huge congratulations to our debating team - you are incredible!


Our future lawyers loved their day . Thank you for the opportunity.


Thanks to supporting year 11 students' well being. A great session today with NASYouth helping students prepare for exams.


You’re very welcome - thanks for continuing to invite me! Your brilliant school has a special place in my heart.


You’re very welcome - thanks for continuing to invite me! Your brilliant school has a special place in my heart.


Not everyday you have your GCSE Text signed by the author


Our Y11s loved their creative writing workshop with . The next generation of authors here 👏


Almost a decade of studying 's brilliant 'Pigeon English' at HGAED. The highlight of every Y11's year in English is the Q&A with the author himself! Thank you so much for being so generous with your time. 📙


Our brilliant Ms Noah being recognised for all her work to promote good mental health in our communities. A inspiration to our students! 👏


Our brilliant choir performing with 6,000 young people . We could not be prouder of your passion, resilience and confidence. A proud day for HGAED!


Our Art History Society visited the Courtauld Gallery to learn more about significant figures in art including Edouard Manet.


Inspiring trip to Dulwich Picture Gallery for our Y10 GCSE Photography students.

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Student Leadership

We are incredibly proud of our Head Girls and House Prefects who lead the academy with character, courage, and conscience. Each year all students are invited to apply to become a prefect.

We open new applications every summer term and students complete our rigorous selection process, demonstrating why they believe they are the best leaders of our academy.  

Our Head Girls for 2022-23

We have four Head Girls, one for each of our houses: Kings, Imperial, Manchester and Oriel. Our Year 11 prefects campaign in their houses for the illustrious position of Head Girl, delivering speeches in assembly to convince the electorate to vote for them.

Our Head Girls oversee the prefects in their houses and meet with Principal termly to share their ideas to bring positive change. They lead all of our Culture Day events and are a shining example of female leadership at the academy.

Hannah - Kings House

Favourite subject: Geography

Why I wanted to become a Head Girl at HGAED: I wanted to be the Head Girl as I wanted to gain experience in leadership and organisation. When the role for Head Girl opened, I saw an opportunity that I could not resist. An opportunity that would prove to myself and others that I was capable of leading a team despite my age. I also saw that by becoming Head Girl, I was able to give back to the school that made me the confident bold student I am today. 

What I hope to achieve as Head Girl at HGAED: During my post as Head Girl, I'm determined to help instil a certain level of confidence in not just the girls in my house but all pupils. I myself sometimes wish I had a student in an older year to assure me that anything is possible if you persevere (especially during the times in my younger years when I may have struggled in school). In addition to this, it is also beyond important to me that all girls (despite their background and identity) feel heard and expressed during their time at HGAED and that is one thing I will strive to ensure by not just listening to the student voice but by guaranteeing their voices are heard throughout our education at HGAED.

My aspirations for the future are: Becoming a surgeon, has been my long-term aspiration from the very tender age of seven. I've always been an individual who has loved helping others and have always had a spark for science. It's my dream to represent the black women in STEM, especially because we're only a minority within this field. I want to give hope to all women to join STEM, not only because it's a male dominated sector but because for centuries, women have been either looked down upon or overlooked in the field.

Something that you may not know about me: I have a passion for singing but I'm too shy to sing in front of others, as I can be very self-critical.

Faith - Imperial House

Favourite subject at HGAED: Science and English  

Why I wanted to become Head Girl at HGAED: I had a desire to be head girl because I wanted to be able to help bridge the gap between teacher and student communication as I found that often students had amazing ideas, but they often communicated them in ways that were easy to misunderstand. I also wanted to offer the support to the younger years. I have always enjoyed helping others and offering advice where I could and I saw being head girl as a great opportunity to do just that. Lastly I want to encourage others to step out of their comfort zone since opportunities can very easily pass people by. I hope to be a representation of someone who saw an opportunity to do more to support their school and took it.

What I hope to achieve as Head Girl at HGAED: I hope to indeed bridge the gap between teacher and student communication, help all those who need it, help introduce some effective and productive new ideas to the academy which could help make the learning environment at school even better and inspire students to be the best versions of themselves.

My aspirations for the future are: I hope to continue to give back to my community though my voluntary contributions and become a psychiatrist in the future.

Nenneh - Oriel House

Favourite subject at HGAED: My favourite subject is Maths

Why I wanted to become Head Girl at HGAED: I wanted to become Head Girl at HGAED because I am a helpful person and therefore wanted to extend this help more widely by assisting to improve the school from a student’s perspective. I wanted students to know they have someone they can always rely on. For example, if they have any feedback for the school they know that it would be heard and tried to be put in place, if possible. In addition, I didn’t have the experience of having a Head Girl and I didn’t enjoy the type of interaction I had with the older girls when I was in KS3. Therefore I wanted to be someone whom other students knew they could easily talk with, even if it was only to talk about their day or to ask for general advice.

What I hope to achieve as Head Girl at HGAED: I hope to be able to have listened to other students' opinions and feedback to teachers so that every idea can be implemented in improving our school. I would also like to have collaborated with the other Head Girls with school events to make them enjoyable for all students and most importantly, hold a fundraising event to raise money for a charity of students' choice.

My aspirations for the future are: I want to get into medical school and study to become and paediatric neurosurgeon. I also want to give back to my home country – Sierra Leone – by creating hospitals with specialised doctors based there. By God’s Grace, I will achieve these goals.

Something people may not know about me: I enjoy being questioned on the spot and the pressure of having to formulate an answer in a short amount of time.

Alissia - Manchester House

Favourite subject at HGAED: Biology

Why I wanted to become Head Girl at HGAED: Being Head Girl at HGAED meant that I could work with others to help represent our community of hardworking and intelligent girls effectively and act as a role model for younger students so that they can amplify their voices to ensure their success in the future. 

What I hope to achieve as Head Girl at HGAED: I hope to increase the confidence and motivation in younger girls so that they aim to make differences and encourage positive change both inside school and out in the real world.

My aspirations for the future are: I aspire to be in control of my time, stay ambitious, have a career where I look forward to going into work every day - hopefully in neurology - and earn accolades for my expertise. 

Something people may not know about me: I tend to overanalyse situations.