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An incredible experience for Y10 students who visited Rome last week. Highlights included standing on the stunning Spanish steps


Our Mental Health Ambassadors receive recognition for their work as a Be Well Hub


South London Leaders coming together to celebrate the work of South London Listens and the Be Well Hubs. So proud to contribute to this special community!


First stop, visiting the penguins at London Zoo 🐧


The beauty of Wales! One of our Y7’s captured this beautiful view 🙌


Teamwork makes the dream work! Our wonderful Y7’s supporting one another on their trip to Wales 💫


Our Y7’s embracing their expedition in Wales!


Our wonderful new Y7’s joined us for our Transition event. They all wrote postcards to their future Y11 self. We will treasure these until their Y11 graduation! 💫


Our Y10 Religious Studies students have arrived in Rome. What a start to the trip seeing the iconic Trevi Fountain 💫


National Debate Mate Champions! The founder credited our exceptional students stating they were “born to lead, and they need to carry on leading as these girls are the future”. We could not be prouder! Congratulations 👏🏼


So proud of our incredible athletes winning the Harris Federation Regionals! 🏆


Year 10 had a great afternoon Fascinating session explaining research, Q&A with student ambassadors and tour. Lovely to have an HGAED alumni as our guide. Thanks and for organising.


Using our green space to promote physical and mental wellbeing as part of


Yoga and affirmations in our Health Hut for Mental Health Awareness Week


Our Mental Health week activities run by our brilliant Mental Health Ambassadors and


Our brilliant Mental Health Ambassadors sharing the impact of their work as a 'Be Well Hub' on film for all to see. Thank you to for setting up this brilliant resource at HGAED.


Wishing all our incredible Y11 and Y13 students the very best of luck for their examinations. You have worked so hard and deserve every success. Good Luck! The whole HGAED community is behind you 💫


An impressive £103 raised at our Bake Sale in support of . A huge thank you to the Y10 prefects for organising and everyone who donated 👏


Fantastic day with working with year 7 King's Scholars. Thanks to all involved in setting up the event.


Thank you so much to our brilliant young artists for sharing their Digital Futures exhibition with the SLT. Their presentation generated so many interesting conversations about the future of technology. Thank you so much!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Our Learning Model

In order for all students to acquire the knowledge, skills and cultural capital essential for their future success, we aim for high quality, effective teaching to ensure that long-term learning and progress are achieved by all students.

In particular, we ensure that all pupils are challenged by teaching to the top and scaffolding the learning of those who need extra support.

Our approach to teaching and learning is firmly rooted in the latest and best educational research. We believe that having high expectations for students and ourselves will have positive benefits for the whole academy community. Therefore, we have identified the essential elements of a lesson that ensure all teaching is effective. Teachers make use of the following principles when planning and delivering their lessons.

  • Every lesson has a clear purpose.
  • Knowledge acquisition is sequenced so that new material builds on existing knowledge.
  • Retrieval practice is used to activate and consolidate prior learning.
  • Explanations are broken down into manageable chunks. Key disciplinary literacy is deconstructed and taught explicitly.
  • Strategies for the completion of tasks are modelled by teachers.
  • Guided and independent practice encourages collaborative and independent learning. Opportunities are provided regularly for the application of knowledge and skills in new scenarios.
  • Checks of students’ understanding allow teachers to identify gaps in learning and re-teach concepts as needed.
  • Reviews of learning ensure that students are aware of their progress during lessons.
  • Feedback from teachers provides specific guidance so students can improve and progress.

Whilst we stipulate the above features across all lessons in the academy, departments still have the flexibility and autonomy to implement their curriculum in the way that best supports pupils to make progress within their individual subject area.  

The HGAED learning model that all staff refer to when planning their lessons is available HERE. The key educational research that underpins our learning model is within this document.

For further details on our teaching and learning policy, please visit the Teaching and Learning page.