Our Y9 and Y10 Football Team enjoyed their coaching session at . Thank you so much for an inspiring afternoon!⚽️


The Youth Parliament results are in! A huge congratulations to Maryam and Tasnia who were elected. 👏👏👏👏


🧵Thread on our wonderful accountability assembly last week on A packed house of 500+, meaningful commitments made, relationships built, and dozens leaders developed. Democracy in action. 📸 (1/25)


We shared powerful poetry about the importance of mental health . A privilege to to be part of such an inspirational community 💫#mentalhealthmatters


Our brilliant Mental Health Ambassadors influencing decision makers at to prioritise and resource mental health support. So proud of their active citizenship! 👏


Celebrating Black History Month in our Food department means baking delicious Jamaican patties from scratch! Delicious! 😋


Celebrating World Mental Health Day 'mental health is a universal human right!' Our MH Ambassadors led mindful colouring, treasure hunt, black history month mindful colouring with Ms Thompson, skipping on the field and check in's with Mr Oviri.


Y7 loved their trip to Harry Potter World today. This brought to life the magic of their 'Fantasy' unit in English 🧙‍♂️💫


Our Art students loved their residential to Amsterdam. Highlights included the Rijksmuseum, Anne Franks House, Van Gogh Museum and MOCA the contemporary art gallery as well as an art walking and sketching tour and a canal trip 🎨


Amazing day at Dulwich Picture Gallery for our P16 students. High praise from the gallery director for their research and presentations 👏 Well done!


Getting ready to welcome more families. For more information and sign up, please see our website


Excited to welcome our new students and their families this evening. Our bookshop is open 📖 Sign up for our Open Events here;


Our Y11 gardening club enjoying the fruits of their hard work. Look at this impressive harvest! Hard work pays of!


Supporting our brilliant students running for UK Youth Parliament. The leaders of tomorrow 💫


Sign up for our Open Events;


Brilliant after school session with Studio Lenca. We are so excited to contribute to the new and exciting exhibition! 💫


Join our brilliant art students who will be sharing their collaboration with Lauren Jenkins at Peckham Festival this Saturday 16th September. Find us in the Community Hub, Bussey Building, Peckham. See you there! 💫


Congratulations to our GCSE Class of 2023 for their exceptional results. We could not be prouder of your achievements! 💫🌟


Huge congratulations to all our exceptional students on their A Level results today. We are beyond proud of you and wish you every success for the future 💫


Our students received their final assignment grades for their dissertations . We are so proud of your hard work! 🌟

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Our Learning Model

In order for all students to acquire the knowledge, skills and cultural capital essential for their future success, we aim for high quality, effective teaching to ensure that long-term learning and progress are achieved by all students.

In particular, we ensure that all pupils are challenged by teaching to the top and scaffolding the learning of those who need extra support.

Our approach to teaching and learning is firmly rooted in the latest and best educational research. We believe that having high expectations for students and ourselves will have positive benefits for the whole academy community. Therefore, we have identified the essential elements of a lesson that ensure all teaching is effective. Teachers make use of the following principles when planning and delivering their lessons.

  • Every lesson has a clear purpose.
  • Knowledge acquisition is sequenced so that new material builds on existing knowledge.
  • Retrieval practice is used to activate and consolidate prior learning.
  • Explanations are broken down into manageable chunks. Key disciplinary literacy is deconstructed and taught explicitly.
  • Strategies for the completion of tasks are modelled by teachers.
  • Guided and independent practice encourages collaborative and independent learning. Opportunities are provided regularly for the application of knowledge and skills in new scenarios.
  • Checks of students’ understanding allow teachers to identify gaps in learning and re-teach concepts as needed.
  • Reviews of learning ensure that students are aware of their progress during lessons.
  • Feedback from teachers provides specific guidance so students can improve and progress.

Whilst we stipulate the above features across all lessons in the academy, departments still have the flexibility and autonomy to implement their curriculum in the way that best supports pupils to make progress within their individual subject area.  

The HGAED learning model that all staff refer to when planning their lessons is available HERE. The key educational research that underpins our learning model is within this document.

For further details on our teaching and learning policy, please visit the Teaching and Learning page.