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Retweetd From Kourtney

So today was my last day what an amazing 5 years with all my girls . I have been the biggest pain ever but still have had an amazing time . Thank u too all the staff for making it amazing , I’m gonna miss u all and all the student that I know


Read how our girls were chosen to be part of the PROCESSION in London to mark 100 years of women getting the vote. A big thanks to and for inviting us. Full story/pics at


Some great pictures from the Post 16 Harris Federation Sports Day, where we were placed 4th. A huge well done to all our team and everyone who supported them!


Retweetd From Southwark News

Amazing photographers and Afro Art creators came to to inspire young women to embrace their natural hair and skin


Retweetd From Creative Activism

So proud of our photography student for winning the competition and getting work experience out of it!


We've arrived at Thorpe Park for our annual Summer Extravaganza Trip. We're off to a flying start and girls having fun already!


Nice article in about the visit by two renowned American photographers to our school last week. Read it at


Retweetd From OperatingTheatreLive

Are you aged 14-19? Are you interested in a future career in ? We have free places for our award winning surgical experience coming to London Southwark. Head over to for more information.


Retweetd From Clare Stanhope

Can’t wait for this, marching with and yr9 students from hope to hook up with at some point 😁💪🏻💥


Retweetd From Creative Activism

Fascinating to find out about all these gems that can support students, teachers and academics in exploring the opportunities in the arts


Retweetd From Leading Routes

📆 Join us on Saturday 16 June at our Parents and carers’ event! Registration is open now! 👩🏾‍🎓 👨🏾‍🎓


Retweetd From Creative Activism

We are walking for and with the feminists of the future. Celebrating activists of the past whose voices still echo through present day issues of post-colonialism, whilst perusing the hopeful futures of our young activists.


You might be interested to read about this... a visit to the school last week by two celebrated American photographers, which was hugely inspiring for our girls. Find out why at


Retweetd From CreativeSoul Photo

THE highlight of our UK trip was our visit to the academy. Thanks so much fot having us! Check out our visit below..


Read the story of how Atlanta-based inspired our students to celebrate their natural beauty and explore hair and cultural identity. And we got on CBS news too! Find out more


Retweetd From Heather Agyepong

I had the honour of working with to produce a Ghanaian inspired commemorative cloth honouring WOC activists in Britain. Come & join us on June 10th for one of the largest mass participation artworks ever seen! Watch the vid for more details


Retweetd From Creative Activism

Very proud to have been a part of this with . Join us! 💥


Retweetd From Creative Activism

Be part of something amazing! Well done to the HGAED ye9 students for their part in this film!!


Thanks for coming in! Our students really got a lot out of the visit, and thanks to too. Great initiative...


Retweetd From Michele Upton

Inspired to meet four aspiring doctors at today as part of visit. Encouraged to pursue dream of training in and for the NHS

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Latest News

Posted on September 11th 2017

Year 7 Settling in Well - Here's What They Say

Cooler and shorter days mean the beginning of a new year at Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich. We asked five of our new Year 7 students to share their experiences of their first week with us.

Bonnie says...

"I’ve made lots of new friends already. The teachers have been very good at helping us find our way around the school. It’s very different to primary school because when you get out of your class you have to find your way around school by yourself rather than have a teacher come with you. Even though I knew it would be different I was expecting it to be fun too, and so far it’s been just what I expected."

Ange and Natasha say...

Ange (left): "It’s quite scary walking through the building on your first day but I had the courage to do it, even though I was a bit scared. I was expecting that it would be fun and that the teachers would help me if I had a problem and so far I was right. When I put on my school uniform in the morning I felt like a grown up! My favourite class so far has been Geography. I didn’t know that I would be good at that subject but after the first class I feel like I might be good at it."

Natasha (right): "So far everyone has been really nice, the teachers and other students have been really kind and it’s much better than I expected. When I put my new uniform on I felt really excited knowing I was going to be going to a new school and meeting new people. I’m really happy to be in secondary school."

Kaylee and Zainab say...

Kaylee (left): "At first when you come in it felt really scary because the buildings are really big but then you start to get used to it and learn where different places are. My favourite class so far has been History because my teacher made the lesson fun and makes it really interesting to learn about. Secondary school is more challenging than primary and I’ve got to meet lots of new people. Everyone has been really friendly especially the older students."

Zainab (right): "At first I was nervous because I wasn’t really sure where each class was, but the older students have been really helpful in showing me around. I’m really looking forward to my Science classes because that was my favourite subject in primary school, but this will be different because you have different teachers for different subjects and you’re treated like you’re older so you have more responsibilities."

Meet more of our Year 7 students and teachers at one of our open days in September and October.