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Massive thank you to for an inspirational talk and workshop with year 11. An absolutely brilliant end to our study of Pigeon English


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Very excited to be for , good luck Jamilla, with your talk on Eva Rothschild’s Boys and Sculptures art work, we are massively proud of you!


Here's one for you if you're a young woman aged 9-14 and want to find out about working in STEM. Check out "Meet the Stemettes @ LGIM: IWD edition"


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Be the role model you wish you'd had when you were younger! Get with Student to Stemette programme. Sign up now or tag someone you think would be first rate 👇


Happy new year to all! A reminder that Monday is an inset day. Looking forward to seeing our pupils return on Tuesday at 8:30. Don’t forget the big road works and diversions in Peckham-get an earlier bus!!


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London is fearless. London is courageous. London is hard as nails. What’s London to you?


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Final count of Big Red Boxes for 2018: A massive 2226 boxes. That’s 2226 boxes going to households in SE&E London to bless them this Christmas, bringing a ray of hope to those who need it. Thanks to all the sorting & packing volunteers


To our pupils, parents and staff- we wish you a wonderfully peaceful break. School returns on Tuesday 8th January for students. Looking forward to another cracking year with our brilliant pupils and staff. Thank you for making our school awesome 👏


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Great turnout here today at the Harris Federation Healthcare Careers Day - here are students listening to a presentation about studying medicine at university with !


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Smashed it! We’ve now packed over 2,000 Big Red Boxes this year with more to pack throughout the rest of today. If you have any food to donate that you have yet to give in, please bring it to King’s Church, Lee (SE3 9DY) by 8pm tonight!


It was an excellent session Charlotte!


Well done to our fabulous choir for supporting at their Christmas shows this week


Retweetd From Big Red Box

We have now packed an incredible 1915 Christmas Hampers for those in the local community who need them most. We’re hoping to pack another 200 or so tonight at King’s Church in Lee, ready to go out and bless people before Christmas


Thank you to all our pupils and their lovely parents who have given so generously to our campaign.


We are super proud of them all


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Thank you to the fabulous young ladies from ⁦⁩ for helping out at our Christmas Fair today


Keep those donations coming in please! Thank you to everyone who has already contributed to our campaign


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These 3 things MUST be done to make the web a safer space for us all. See how you can help 👉


Our contributions to slowly but surely building


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Great KS1 Multiskills event at Damilola Taylor Centre today. 🎲 A big Thank you to all the amazing young leaders from , and ! 😊

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Posted on May 21st 2018

HGAED Feminist Society Holds First Meeting

Dhillan from Year 10 at Deptford Green School (centre) gave an inspiring presentation about body positivity at the first meeting of our new Feminist Society. "Be proud of what makes you not fit the social norm," she told students. "To look good is not what our body is for."

HGAED FemSoc (5)

Dhillan suggested some strategies girls can use to increase body positivity, including unfollowing social media accounts that make you feel insecure. "Don't shame other people for the choices they make about their own bodies," she added. In a survey, 90% of teenage girls said they were unhappy with their bodies, she told the audience.

Belen (left), one of the student organisers, said: "We hope the new society will help students improve their self-esteem and empower people to fight for women's rights."

HGAED FemSoc (4)

Safia (right) added: "So many women are unconfident about their bodies. That's why talks like Dhillan's are important. We hope the HGAED Feminist Society grows and has lots of different talks." 

The Feminist Society was started following a conference on feminism at Blackheath School which the girls attended, and where they heard Dhillan speak.

HGAED FemSoc (3)

What feminism means for me... "Feminism is making sure the women of the world are fairly treated. Feminism is equality. Women and men should benefit from the same priviliges at work, home and play. Women are not here to serve men, we are brilliant and have special and unique qualities. The world needs us."

HGAED FemSoc (6)