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The quad is looking glorious in the spring sunshine.


student, Iris, has taken these pictures to show how she's exploring the formal elements of photography including line, shape, focus, space, texture and tone while she's studying at home. Impressive work!


Waseemah in Year 8 has sent us this really accomplished 'negative space' drawing she's created for - by filling in the space around the objects to reveal their forms. Very accomplished, Waseemah. Great work!


Year 9 and students are creating a range of really imaginative , inspired by New York-based artist Johanna Goodman. Amazing work!


It’s and the theme is Today, let’s think about who and what we’re grateful for and say thank you. Who will you thank today and why?


Zuzanna, Year 8, has been researching as part of her studies while at home, including creating this beautiful work, which we wanted to share with you.


We’re so proud of this edition. Our first lockdown edition and absolutely inspiring. Well done girls!


Our latest student zine is out now, on the theme of 'Pathways'. "The zine is about the things that matter to us as young women,” says Awa, Year 10. Read now at


Our girls are creating some truly inspirational while they are at home. Here's a by Alissia, Year 7, inspired by German artist Hannah Höch. Amazing work, Alissia!


Don’t forget to prioritise your mental health and always seek support if you need it. It’s mental health awareness week next week: let’s look after one another


Retweetd From Shakespeare's Globe

There to meet with... MACBETH. Tonight's the night! Are you joining us on YouTube at 7.00pm for our free Premiere of ? Created especially for young people thanks to , Macbeth will be available to stream until UK schools reopen.


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National Crime Agency’s has created a series of activity packs to help you protect your children online 💻 Each pack contains simple 15-minute activities for children age 4-14+ 👇


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Great opportunity for students to broaden their career horizons with NatWest.


Self care first-look after yourselves.


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If you have a love for technology, why not take the first steps towards you future career? Learn new skills needed to enter the cyber security or computing workplace with our online coures:


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Calling all aspiring coders, technologists and cyber specialists - CyberLand needs your help! Test your cyber skills 💻 Learn about firewalls, public wifi and phishing emails 🎣 Explore your future tech career 💼 Try out the games:


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Introducing our Virtual Cyber School! Head over to to find out how you can get free access to over 200 cyber security challenges with CyberStart Game. Already playing? Your licenses have also been extended so you can keep developing your skills 🎁


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📣Year 10 students! 📣 Join us for Take on the Teacher LIVE at 🔶 Thursday - 10:30-11:30am 🔶 Teachers answer your questions LIVE! 🔶 Take on the teacher in our live quiz! They will be answering YOUR questions on: 📚 English 📐 Maths 🚀 Physics


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Parents and carers, here is some guidance for supporting children who are learning at home 👇


We’ve not tweeted in a thought it worth saying we’re missing you all!! Keep in touch please-your coaches and teachers are still checking in! Let us know how we can help 😊

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Latest News

Posted on July 10th 2019

'Hairytage' Project Comes to South London Gallery

A special event at the South London Gallery in June marked the end of a year-long art project, Hairytage, in which students have been collaborating on a project inspired by artist Alix Bizet to explore the significance of hair in Afro-Caribbean communities in Peckham.

Alix started by asking students and teachers to collect combings from their own hair, which she spun into a yarn (pictured below) to represent the diversity of the school.

Hairytage (6)

Alix Bizet (left) and Clare Stanhope, Head of Art, with yarn spun from hair collected by students and teachers.

Students also photographed and filmed hairdressers in Peckham to explore the significance of hair in Afro culture, while an embroidery workshop looked at how the hair can be used to create new objects.

Starting conversations

“The Hairytage project is all about using creative art practices to open up conversations,” says Clare Stanhope, Head of Art. “In this case it’s about issues of identity and also community issues such as gentrification that are driving change in Peckham.”

Hairytage (1)

At the South London Gallery event, Alix Bizet, who is the school’s artist in residence this year, said: “Hair is a material that I work with as a social designer which allows me to look at different aspects of society but which also allows me to tackle some serious and difficult socio-political issues, such as beauty standards, racism, discrimination and gender equality.”

Goldsmiths University

As part of the project, students had workshops with a range of people including artists, academics and poets – led by Year 13 students. They also met local residents to discuss their memories of Peckham and how they feel about how things are changing, and worked with other students across the school, such as Geography and English students, to see how their interests overlapped with the project.

Hairytage (2)

The project included student-led workshops with a range of people including artists, academics and poets.

Students then used yarn made from their hair to create an embroidered garment to capture what they had learned and explored and turn it into a living archive that people can wear, see, touch and retell the memories of people from Peckham as well as add future stories.

“Essence of community”

At the South London Gallery event, students created a dramatic performance depicting the hair salons of Peckham, and attaching images and quotes from throughout the workshops on to a hair-embroidered gown.

Speaking at the event, student Ria said: "When people come together to share their thoughts from across classes, across genders, across cultures and across age ranges, people become empowered. We learn that it is important to listen to each other, to collaborate. By sharing spaces, we learn that there is more that connects us than divides us. And that is the essence of community. That is the essence of the Hairytage project.”

Gown 10

Gown 4

The gown (pictured above) will now become a living archive that can be displayed or worn as a record of the Hairytage project.

“This has been such an exciting project that has taken off in directions none of us could have predicted,” said Ms Stanhope. “One of the aims of projects like this is to show that we can’t always control outcomes or know in advance where things will take us. Hair itself becomes a metaphor of something that grows, but can be taken or dislocated and moved elsewhere to create something new and unexpected.”

Hairytage (3)

This was the first major project to be developed through the Centre for Creative Explorations, which is based at HGAED. This was also the first time the centre had received outside funding to support the project, from Southwark Council.

The school would like to thank all the people who made Hairytage possible including Alix Bizet, South London Gallery, Copeland Gallery, Peckham Levels, South London Gallery, and Southwark Council.

A timeline of the Hairytage project

  • January 2018 – School appoints artist in residence Alix Bizet
  • September 2018 – Hairytage event at Copeland Gallery, part of the Peckham Festival
  • October 2018 – Hairytage event at Peckham Levels for Black History Month
  • June 2019 – Performance at South London Gallery to close the project