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“Doing yoga is good because sometimes I need to wind down. It helps me mentally and physically." Year 8 student. Find out more about our after-school yoga with . Read more


Year 10 have been discovering what studying at Cambridge and Oxford is really like. Our students visited Cambridge, while others had a ‘virtual’ visit to Oxford. Read more


Our Year 9 King’s Scholars take part in a ‘Your Career Path’ workshop. This looked at GCSE options, post 16 options, and pathways beyond post 16 to university and careers. Thanks to for the great session. More at


Years 7-11, please check out the schedule for your return to school on the website. Looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow for testing and to seeing you all back at school. Happy New Year!


A reminder to years 12 and 13 that you should be testing in advance of your return on Wednesday for the new school term


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A fantastic day, year 12 given advice about their future sixth form journeys from and current students, followed by workshop to support critical thinking in interviews 'is Maths art or science?'; 'is a hot dog a sandwich?'


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year 11 students had a fantastic afternoon discussing reactions to art - Frida Khalo, Velazquez, suffragette Mary Richardson and so much more. thanks for an inspiring afternoon.


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Is your child is looking for a secondary - check out our essential guide Open days TOMORROW include: 's&StOlaves There are open days all week!


King's College () have distributed Acer tablets to some of our students through the King's Scholars programme . They were distributed last week and the students are delighted!


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Southwark Safer Schools team have held a PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education) day last week and here's what they had to say on it 🤩


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June holiday football camps for girls ages 5-16 in South London with Girls United FA ⚽️🙌 Book your space for 3 days of developing football skills, having fun and making friends -


Harris Fitness at Harris Dulwich Girls has now reopened to the public, with the majority of classes, if not all, resuming as normal. The new outside football pitch and tennis/netball court are also now available to hire. Find out more


Kenyea, Year 7, wrote this lovely poem for Mother's Day which we wanted to share with you. We hope you enjoy it too.


Thank you so much to our amazing LFD testing team and our brilliant pupils who’ve so quickly got used to the tests. We’ll get through this together-as always ☺️


We've had nearly 100 entries to our 'Imagine' poetry competition. Today we're sharing 'My Home' by Michaela, which won second prize. See the three winning poems at


A huge well done to everyone who entered our 'Imagine' poetry competition over the winter. We are fast approaching 100 entries! Congratulations to Magda for her poem 'Concentrate', which won 1st prize. See the winning poems at


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We are so proud to present our first pen portrait from a former student ⁦⁩. Gabby took every opportunity she was offered at the academy and is a fantastic role model for our students. It’s so great to hear about her experiences.


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It’s so wonderful to hear our students talking about mental health and well-being. Please follow our wonderful blog for a variety of opinion pieces. I’m sure you will agree the blog really does allow our students to express themselves

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Posted on March 21st 2022

Learning An Instrument - Four Students Reflect On The Benefits

Four students reflect on how much they enjoy their peripatetic instrumental music lessons and the benefits they derive from them.

Music 1Esther, Year 9

Peripatetic lessons have had a positive social and significant impact on students' mental health, resulting in many feeling a boost in their self-esteem. For an example, I use these lessons as a source of energy and tranquillity, a break from the back-to-back mind-boggling lessons I have daily. My love for music was my impetus to learn both the guitar and drums.

The skills I have learnt in these lessons are all transferrable to my more academic subjects

The skills I have learnt in these lessons are all transferrable to my more academic subjects such as English and Maths and everyday life. Pupils find that they benefit academically in that the skills and knowledge gained from a peripatetic lesson may benefit their curriculum work. These skills include: a better general attainment and creativity, better critical thinking skills, enhanced language, and improved physical co-ordination and increases in students' autonomy.

Tomi, Year 9

Music 4I very much enjoy my peripatetic lessons; it gives me a chance to explore the beauty of the piano and project that beauty unto the pieces I play.

My peripatetic teacher, Mr Reid, is very good in what he does and thoroughly breaks down pieces I struggle with and pushes me past the limits I set for myself.

This makes me realise that the only way to know my optimum capability to do something, is to discover beyond my comfort zone.

In these peripatetic lessons, it gives me a deeper understanding of what we learn in our music lessons and gives me a chance to be practical and judge how much I’ve learnt/understand

Music is a majestic sound to the ear, major impact to the mind and will always be the liberty to my heart.

In Year 8 I thought it would be completely impossible for me to learn the piano, but now in year 9 I’m moving from piece to piece, making mistakes, and learning what it means to be resilient.

Music is a majestic sound to the ear, major impact to the mind and will always be the liberty to my heart.

Azariah, Year 8

Music 6I was given the opportunity to play an instrument and I began drumming lessons at the beginning of Year 8 and I have continued to enjoy playing the drum set for the past seven months.

I chose to play the drum kit because I thought it would be a fun and a motivating activity as well as a way to express myself. I have continued to improve the way I play the drum kit and it helps me to focus more efficiently. I know that it has made me more confident in myself and has definitely helped to give me a confidence boost, to play in front of other people and be more open.

It has definitely helped to give me a confidence boost, to play in front of other people and be more open

Getting time out of a class once a week has relived stress and has given me a sense of happiness to look forward in the week because of it. Having thirty minutes out of a class is fun but sometimes I might have to catch up but apart from that it is worth it. Mr. Reid is an amazing teacher; he challenges me to try new things. Additionally, he applauds me for when I get a piece of music, or a section correct. Sir doesn’t give up on me when I get something wrong, and it has been a joy to go every week.

Nerojika, Year 8

I successfully got the privilege of getting to learn and play the steel pans for free. I’ve always had a passion to play the steel pans as it made me feel ecstatic and I’m extremely grateful to be able to get these opportunities I have. Being able to learn how to play the steel pans broadens my mental strength. Playing songs on any of the pans make anything sound so nostalgic which most definitely makes a smile curl onto anyone who hears it.

I get to be surrounded by other people who come in with smiles, unable to hide their happiness of being able to play the steel pans, which brings joy to me.

I very much enjoy the lessons that I take as not only entertaining, but it is a good help on my mental state regarding school. A lot of the time I have stress due to the amount of work I get from my other subjects in school. But when I have my steel pans lessons it’s like an escape away from reality for a while. This is important to me because it helps me from being overwhelmed by all my assignments. It’s also extremely amusing as I get to be surrounded by other people who come in with smiles, unable to hide their happiness of being able to play the steel pans, which brings joy to me.

Altogether, I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to play such a beautiful and mesmerising instrument that improves my skills and can be used as an amazing coping mechanism.